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It may also end up in a civil war

It may also end up in a civil war

With the Defiant, that is required from the Worf, the fresh new Lakota team hails and you will demand that ship lose their shields and ready yourself becoming boarded while the ship raises shields and you will charge weapons.

Act Four

During the Leyton’s office, Sisko tries to convince Leyton you to definitely other Federation globes will never deal with Starfleet overthrowing its lawfully selected chairman or establishing of just what often fundamentally getting a good dictatorship on the planet. Obtaining Lakota fire for the Defiant ‘s the starting point down one to ebony highway, however, Leyton refuses to terminate the transaction.

For the Defiant, brand new crew inquire in case your Lakota crew try bluffing, not, once they enter guns range, he could be discharged on from the Excelsior-classification vessel. Master O’Brien cards that the Lakota appears to have had its guns updated, and you will unwilling to risk dropping protects so you can cloak and you may not knowing it can also be outrun new Lakota, brand new crew’s only option should be to endeavor their way out.

Leyton notes the brand new paradox that Sisko got to start with been far more curious into the engineering than he had been at order, up until Leyton made your basic officer, however, cards which he don’t show Ben regarding the loyalty. Sisko balks at this, impact Leyton ‘s the history individual speak to him on loyalty when he’s damaged their oath so you’re able to Starfleet and you will purchased you to definitely of its ships so you’re able to flames on various other.

Only upcoming, Benteen hails Leyton, therefore the admiral, nonetheless at the phaser-part, answers. Benteen says to your they’re incapable of avoid the Defiant owed in order to the lady ablative armour (the newest stocking from which was not toward record so you can Starfleet surgery). Leyton amends their instructions and so the Defiant isn’t really is disabled, but lost whatever it takes. Benteen was amazed, and you can Sisko begs together to not kill the Starfleet officials offering into Defiant since she understands there’s no Changelings on panel. Benteen comes to an end the latest signal shortly after Leyton reminds her out of the lady orders.

The Defiant plus the Lakota was indeed badly damaged, and you may an excellent strike of sometimes have a tendency to complete the other regarding. The fresh new Defiant team was unwilling to use fatal force up against the other crew… therefore seems the brand new Lakota crew have the identical to the new ship backs out-of and you will hails.

Sisko is actually called of the Worf, exactly who tells him the newest Lakota is escorting brand new Defiant so you can Environment, although not, one another boats sustained casualties. Sisko informs Leyton that right now, Odo can get demonstrated their evidence in order to Jaresh-Inyo… their spot is over. Leyton however will not accept so it, and you may says to Sisko he’s got enough devoted officers leftover and come up with a battle from it. Sisko tells him he will become fighting Starfleet today also and you may Benteen, who was simply his nearest friend, has given up your so it is merely a question of day up until the anyone else perform also. Eventually recognizing he or she is already been beaten, Leyton will be taking off his insignia pins and actually leaves their place of work to help you become arrested, however, dreams one to Sisko actually to make an error.

The state of disaster try in the near future brought up, and you will World slower begins to return to regular. Odo points out to any or all there are still Changelings in the world, but nobody is willing to let them change the way it real time… in case the Rule desires damage Environment, they must exercise on their own. With that, Ben and you may Jake state a fond goodbye to Joseph sufficient reason for Odo, begin the journey back to Deep-space nine, if you are Joseph up coming opens the newest eatery and you may welcomes inside consumers because the lifetime efficiency on track in the world.

Memorable rates

«Admiral Leyton is somewhat grating and rigid some times, however for a guy out of his success, a man away from his known record, so you can to visit treason?» «I understand the latest admiral does not view it because treason! He’d most likely protect it as a hopeless work of patriotism.»