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Instance regarding presentation little of your Theseide (You to definitely, Cod

Instance regarding presentation little of your Theseide (You to definitely, Cod

presentation small of your Histoire d’Olivier de- Castilk (Dentro de, MS fr. 12574, fol. 1; reproduced from the Dogaer, cited for the notice twenty-four, p. 110). 65. 2617, fol. 14v), recreated by Dhanens 1980. p. 65. 66. Predicated on Dubbe 1980, p. 39, he is never ever utilized in Deventer inventories. Duverger, ‘Tapis et tapis de- desk d’Orient mais aussi d’Occident dans la Flandre d’autrefois’ inside the Grams. Delmarcel and you will Age. Duverger, Bruges et los angeles tapisserie [expo catalog, Gruuthusemuseum and you may Memlingmuseum], Bruges 1987, pp. 149-61, p. 151). 67. Published by de- la Curne de- SaintePalaye, Memoires en ce qui concerne I’ancienne chevalerie, vol. II, Paris 1759, pp. 169-267. A different sort of edition by the Jacques Paviot is actually preparing. 68. , pp. 219, 252. 69. Weyns (quoted within the notice 56), vol. II, pp. 757-8; Dubbe 1980, p. 67. 70. Friedlander, vol. II, no. 9. 71. Find mention twenty two.

79. ‘Uno candellieri d’ottone a great sei rami, intalliato, grande et con campanelle d’octone, ainsi que fraud piu altri cibori, appicchato al sopracielo’ (S. Bongi, Di Paolo Guinigi e delle sue richezze, Lucca 1871, p. 98). 80. ‘Item ung offer chandellier de- cuivre a six touez que Flood dit estre dentro de la facon de Flandres’ (J. Felix, Inventaire de Pierre Surreau receveur general de- Normandie [Societe de 1’histoire de- Normandie], Rouen and Paris 1892, p. 9). This is cherished at just forty sous tournois, although valuations in this directory are common rather low (ibid., p. 8 notice 2). Surreau’s huge-di, whose sibling Jeanne were to wed Giovanni di Arrigo Arnolfini (L. Mirot, ‘Etudes lucquoises: Les Cename’, Bibliotheque de I’Ecole de l’ensemble des Charles, vol. XCI, 1930, pp. 100-68, p. 112).

At the Ghent when you look at the 1425, Jacqueline out of Bavaria had ‘Huit machepies de Torquie: 4 grans mais aussi cuatro petis et 5 quareaulx de papegay’ (Age

72. The painting between it sconce and second branch of your pendant is definitely candle-colored rather than wall surface-coloured; but van Eyck have found it convenient to use candle-coloured color to help you complete this gap, maybe given that candle-along with is actually to your his brush as he happened to note new pit. It’s by no means noticeable that the https://datingranking.net/cs/adventist-singles-recenze/ town isn’t a comparable colour since the remaining wall.

73. L. Pastor, Die Reise des Kardinals Luigi d’Amgona durch Deutschland, die Niederlande, Frankreich und Oberitalien, 1517-1518, Freiburg-in-Breisgau 1905, p. 120.

85. ‘Item eenen hanghende cooperen lucthier’: D.-D. Brouwers, ‘Le Mobilier d’Everard IV de la Marck, huge mayeur de- Liege (1492-1531)’, BCRH, vol. LXXV, 1906, pp. 17-thirty two, p. 31.

74. H. Loriquet, ‘Journal de l’ensemble des travaux d’art does dans 1’abbaye de Saint-Vaast level 1’abbe Jean du Clercq (1429-61)’, Memoires de los angeles Commission departementale de l’ensemble des monuments historiques du Jamais-de-Calais, vol. We, 1889, pp. 57-ninety-five, pp. 83^.


75. De- Laborde 1849-52, vol. I, p. LIX notice. 76. Including regarding Health out-of St john within Bruges (expo catalog Flanders throughout the Fifteenth Millennium: Artwork and you will Society, Detroit Institute regarding Arts, 1960, pp. 274-5); along with The fresh Cloisters, New york (B. Young, A walk through The fresh Cloisters, Nyc 1988, pp. 121, 127). Easier, six-branched chandeliers, similar to one for the NG 186, has reached Aachen (E. Giinther Grimme, Fuhrer durch das Suermondt-Art gallery, Aachen, third edn, Aachen 1974, no. 61) at Leeuwarden (H. Martin, ‘Een belangrijke vondst’, Oude kunst, vol. II, 1916-17, pp. 155-8). 77. Having a metal (otherwise silver gilt?) pendant from inside the a palace indoor, select van den Gheyn (quoted for the mention 26), plate 35. A great Flemish illuminator of approximately 1475, depicting the newest ‘Ball of Burning’ and this taken place from the French judge for the 1393 but treating it a modern skills, integrated a huge wood chandelier (Louis of Gruuthuse’s content from Froissart’s ‘Chronicle’, vol. IV, BN, MS fr. 2646, fol. 176: recreated into the Martens mais aussi al. 1992, p. 139). 206