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In Danganronpa V3: Killing Balance (Demo Variation), Kokichi is first seen in shop room chasing and you will harassing K1-B0

In Danganronpa V3: Killing Balance (Demo Variation), Kokichi is first seen in shop room chasing and you will harassing K1-B0

Alternate Fates

He innocently requires K1-B0 is their buddy, relatively clueless one his methods result in the Greatest Bot become embarrassing. After that, he raises himself so you can Kaede and you will Makoto Naegi, saying that he is the leader of a secret evil company with more than ten,000 people. But not, he says it was a lie when he says that he is a liar. On the conversation, he says what you should offend K1-B0, instance inquiring whether or not they have a penis or otherwise not.

Physical appearance

Kokichi is actually an early on man which have a simple look and you can a good instead refined deal with. He has a short prominence, a finer create, and very soft epidermis. He’s purple vision and you will sparingly enough time, wavy blackish red hair, on resources colored a better reddish. On the authoritative ways book, it is said that he doesn’t frequently care about his hair additionally the hair style results from your to try out inside-however, he do both use the shadows their bangs means and make himself lookup worst. [5]

He wears a white match which have multiple bands wrapped up to their possession, as well as 2 bands dangling loosely as much as his foot. Seem to, his jeans are created to seem like an article of punk fashion having thraldom pelts, but they are really just fake belts sewed so you can heavier weight part of your own legs. His shirt is ripped during the hem as well as the collar area of it is totally moved, and larger areas of the brand new uniform was repaired with material videos. He’s multi-colored buttons running down the middle of their top, which includes usually hidden not as much as his scarf, and he keeps military badges toward his right. His garment has actually black-and-white places alternating exactly like a chessboard. The guy and wears a couple of-colored black colored and you can purple slip apartments, and also as found in the character design gallery, he seems to don a white belt.

Within his advertising ways, he’s revealed with a dark streaming cloak and a fabric peaked cap which have a gold badge towards the top of it, giving your a malicious look.

On prologue, he wears the fresh new consistent away from his amazing senior high school. He’s got the newest traditional tsume-eri uniform for the securely. Their individually designed consistent enjoys beauty off compared to a great college annex high school. Like with their almost every other attire, the bottom of his trousers is actually quick. [6]

Since an enormous examine to his most other attire, Kokichi’s «trendy» underwear has actually much lighter and you can bright colors with red and you may reddish stripes. Seem to, the guy wishes to cover-up his lively heart and true style sense in the an area no one can pick. [5]

From the Japanese version, Kokichi’s voice can be somewhat childish installing his looks, nonetheless it from time to time transforms further and you can mature, always as he is often furious, foreboding or flirty. The guy skout mobil sitesi similarly from time to time uses better sound from the English type, but it’s shorter well known due to the fact his usual voice isn’t as childish due to the fact new.


Kokichi relates to themselves because a bad best frontrunner, and often says that the title ‘s about of many out of their questionable measures as if they are anticipated to fulfill his character. They are an evasive and manipulative individual that unabashedly informs lays and you will says whichever he’s thought. He could be and unusually simple throughout the their supposed evil characteristics, openly saying become a chief away from an enormous miracle people, admitting in order to becoming a good liar, and you may stating he’s got complete only crappy something. Among other things, their team purportedly keeps stealth agencies in almost any nation, power over all of the mafias around the globe, torture given that a variety of abuse, and you may Kokichi’s defeated rivals appear to gets delivered to Siberia. But not, nothing out of his states was affirmed, in addition to almost every other college students envision they are often lying otherwise delusional.