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Agil try an axe wielding seller who has got an excellent relationships which have Kirito

Agil try an axe wielding seller who has got an excellent relationships which have Kirito

For the Underworld, Kirito still chosen their recollections and feelings to have Asuna, but is incapable of think of anything following the day the guy asked the lady to come quickly to The usa that have your. Up on with the knowledge that he had been involved internationally, he had been torn anywhere between finding a simple way to stay away from therefore which he you certainly will get back along with her and to experience away his character in this new world.

Tsuboi Ryoutarou (Klein)

Klein is Kirito’s first pal in advance of appointment Asuna. He became Kirito’s friend just after the guy requested Kirito to teach your to play SAO. Klein are mostly of the individuals who Kirito thought to be an excellent «friend». Klein very cares getting his nearest and dearest and that’s dedicated to staying them all real time, and that Kirito greatly respects. Klein is likely to worry about Kirito, given that he understands his loner character, and you may informs Asuna in order to «care for your» hence he «is not an adverse kid» to which she reactions she will and you may this lady has long-ago known correspondingly.

Klein is even guilty of giving Kirito a lot more fuel, while the shown when Kirito is incapable of restore Sachi as the time of her passing was too long toward Divine Stone of Coming back Spirit. He frequently matches having Kirito with his household members and you may sporadically go with these people in quests in ALO, particularly adopting the discharge of the nation Vegetables. One particular including includes new pursuit of Excalibur.

Andrew Gilbert Mills (Agil)

He was among the two different people who understood why as to why Kirito became an excellent Beater. Particularly Klein and you will Asuna, he and additionally areas Kirito, and constantly has the benefit of any assist he is able to when Kirito needs it (including sheltering him whenever Kirito turned into well-known immediately following his Twin Knives becomes known, or applying the fresh new «Seed» you to Kayaba provided Kirito). Agil ‘s the first person who Kirito visits when he wants to features someone look at people products the guy get out of attacking otherwise selling a product.

Ayano Keiko (Silica)

Silica was a new player you to definitely Kirito satisfied when he is actually drifting up to regarding the thirty-five th Floor. Whenever Silica questioned him the thing that makes the guy being kind in order to this lady, the guy gave this lady good «manga-like» address one to she is comparable to his «sister».

Shinozaki Rika (Lisbeth)

Kirito very first met Lisbeth when he concerned the lady shop to help you come across an additional blade immediately following being described their by Asuna. Kirito questioned a custom sword, and you will just after the guy broke a knowledgeable blade she got during the stock, she forced your in order to accompany the woman towards the a venture to acquire the newest unique ore required for the work. For the trip, due to his tips with his unforeseen generosity and you may virtues, she develops emotions to own Kirito. Following journey, she desires to be Kirito’s individual blacksmith, hinting a romantic character https://datingranking.net/dating-for-seniors-review/. This woman is devastated whenever she finds out one Kirito is actually Asuna’s break so there is actually mutual ideas among them. Regardless if the lady attitude was in fact unrequited, she finds out solace when Kirito informs the girl concerning the «Black colored Cats» and you may admits, the very first time after losing his guild, he had thought live again when he try partying together.

Following it see on real world, she gets a typical player from inside the ALO and sometimes takes on quests with Kirito and his awesome family and uses up opportunities from updating their equipment. She in addition to visits school with Kirito, Asuna, and Silica.


Sachi is actually a member of the fresh guild Moonlit Black Pets who Kirito befriended. They truly became most romantic, to the stage regarding asleep together in the same area; their relationships described as «two stray kittens licking for every single other’s wounds» as they comfortable each other. Their dating try close enough they had a discussed webpage for the for every single other people’s directory (similar, but not slightly in the level of married players who had mutual inventories). Kirito promised this lady one to she would maybe not perish, although sadly, he would not be able to keep their keyword. Even with the woman past content offered your the fresh fuel to live on, he nevertheless never ever completely was able to escape his guilt up until the guy hitched Asuna.